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Testimonial | HWAN

  • Tenant of In-Flight Garuda Indonesia

    In the beginning of the year, we launched the third collection “Silk Road” in conjunction with HWAN partnership with Garuda Indonesia. We joined as tenant for On-Flight sale Garuda Indonesia International route. Silk Road collection has the value of showcasing heritage pattern from Indonesian batik, ikat fabric, to the acculturate of ethnic pattern from countries on the silk road (South Korea, Japan, India, Saudi, to Europe)

    Rating: 5 / 5

  • 1st Winner of Export Start-up Competition

    On the same month, October 2018, HWAN Founder (Tri Handayani) joined the competition of Export Start-up by The Ministry of Trade. Tri already had the confidence of giving Eco-Batik JAGAD its place in global market, since we indeed have value for our product compatible for premium product in any countries in the world. The competition judged some criterions such as industry 4.0 enabling, cultural preservation, product design, and other export readiness parameter.
    Undoubtedly, HWAN won the 1st place for fashion category. Since then on, we became SME partner for the Ministry.

    Rating: 5 / 5

  • OK OCE Partnership

    Since 2016 to 2017, HWAN was still testing and trying the hijab market in Indonesia. Started by dropshipping low-price women outfits from Tanah Abang retail center to trying small scale production of trendy hijab.

    And exactly on March 20th 2018, HWAN innovated to be the local brand with character of keeping the cultural heritage essence and eco-friendly fashion and craft. Soo we produce mass production in printed fashion with unique design collection, we named it Eco-Batik JAGAD. The name consists of meaning of heritage pattern from around the world, and eco to remind us of the environment must go hand-in-hand with style.

    Our first Eco-Batik JAGAD collection is “The Classic” because the design fully show the original batik and vastra, but with the twist of floral simply ornate.
    2 months later, HWAN joined OK OCE program which was the first government partnership. Through this program, we were selected to join Jakarta Great Sale Bazaar with sponsor privilege. In the Bazaar with a wide public intention, we also launched our 2nd collection “Botani”.

  • Ministry of Cooperation and SME Partnership

    In October 2018, we were blessed to be selected for fashion exhibition “Modest Fashion Show” under Ministry of Cooperation and SME sponsor. We gained more attention, and people start from fashionista until government officials get to know our characteristic design.

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How To Find Us

Alun-alun Indonesia, Mall Grand Indonesia

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WorKing Zone
Jl. Bangka Raya No.42A, Mampang Prapatan, Jakarta Selatan
WhatsApp: 081282090231
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About HWAN Eco-Ethnic

Eco-Batik is HWAN original product for Eco-Ethnic.

We have delivered pretty modest fashion since 2016.

Since 2018, we got some international business expansion opportunity.

Our commitment is to showcase eco-friendly scarf above fair trade empowerment and keeping the world ethnic culture heritage.

Supporting Indonesia Industry 4.0, we provide our creativity with fast production of up to thousand scarves per week.

Our Value

We go with the vision as A reputable creative industry to showcase sustainable fashion and craft with contemporary heritage design and local-wisdom innovation.

We have missions to keep heritage pattern design modernly on product, Deliver sustainable fashion and fair trade to all of our value chain, and Implement industry 4.0 to maintain Indonesian local wisdom design and material.

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